Lynn Jeffery RBSA

Born: Liverpool

Educated: Holly Lodge High School for Girls

Higher Ed.: St. Katharine’s College of Ed. Art & Craft (Print & Photography)

1975-2011 Teacher of Art & Design in Liverpool and the West Midlands

2005- Freelance artist, teacher and tutor.


2003 Elected Associate Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

2006 Elected Member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. 


RBSA Open Exhibitions & as an Invited artist since 1998

RBSA Associate & Member 2003

Mid Art 1998-2004

DSOA Dudley Art Gallery From 1997  

Gateway Shrewsbury Open Print Biennale 2004-08

Gateway Shrewsbury Mirror Image (invited) 2005

R.B.S.A. Café Gallery Solo Show 2005

R.B.S.A. Black Country Visions 2005

Dudley Museum, Black Country Visions 2006

“Take 12” Artist/Teachers Walsall New Gallery 2006

Derby Open 2007

Birmingham Open 2007

Russells Hall Hospital 1st Floor Exhibn. Area 2008-11

RWE Open Print Exhibition Bristol 2009

RBSA Craft Gallery Solo Show 2009

DSOA Botanical Gardens Spring Exhibition 2010

RWE Open Bristol 2010

RBSA Craft Gallery Solo Show 2011


My Work 

Coming from a photographic background, I have always been aware of my surroundings. Over the years, I have built up a large collection of photographic images, most have stayed as photographs, but others have become parts of my prints. I rarely photograph people as I am more interested in the apparently timeless world, which often disappears without warning to accommodate a road or supermarket complex.


The work is usually inspired by belief, the elusive quality of, Who?

The huge collection of Monumental Masonry, which is being lost through vandalism, has provided me with a rich variety of resources, which I have printed, together with other images to form a statement. These pictures often include relief prints from found materials, which I may reproduce as screened images or print from them directly. I also add to the work with painted ink or mono prints. I enjoy producing unique pieces of work by overlaying and piecing together arrangements of objects.


I believe that Art should be about our responses to the world about us, and recording the changes in society, in a visual way, is part of that process. My most recent work relates to the theme of “Angels”. I am presenting angels from different places, sometimes including other items of interest. I have been working on a smaller scale than usual, which has given me the chance to experiment with “Distressing” techniques, where I have added gold, brown and red ink, then removed them to give a worn effect.

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